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Safety for All

Safety is at the core of MidMountain’s culture, operations, and building practice. Learn about the processes and procedures we’ve implemented to protect our employees, subcontractors, and the public.

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MidMountain crew accepting rebar laydown

Shared Commitment

MidMountain has developed safety programs rooted in industry best practices. Employees are encouraged to be fully engaged and share responsibility and accountability for making accident and injury prevention their highest priority. Through mindful pre-planning, education, and training, our team protects each other by making safe choices for every task, every time.

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Safety, Production & Quality Program
Safety Inspections
Safety Training Program
Subcontractor Safety Pre-Qualification
Drug Free Employment Program
Return to Work Program
Safety Meetings
Preconstruction Planning
Safety Analysis Program
Site Specific Safety Plans

MidMountain's Safety Programs:

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